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Big companies often need to find a supplier for the uniforms of all their employees. Companies who employ hundreds of people whether it is in the manufacturing, hospitality, or building industry, will need one reliable supplier for all the clothing that their employees will wear on a daily basis. In all of the United Kingdom, there is only one name that can be trusted for this and that is Alexandra workwear.

Alexandra Workwear

Alexandra work wear prides itself in being the leading international provider of corporate clothing. Based in the UK, this company has had 150 years of experience and a track record of excellence. Their business works by helping other companies develop their own brands through the clothes that their employees wear. Alexandra PLC employs talented and skilled designers who work closely with their clients in order to come up with the best styles and designs that will reflect the thrusts and values of their business. Alexandra believes that the overall image of a business is also dependent on how the employees look. So giving them the best possible style for their daily work wear is a very important factor to consider.

Alexandra clothing company boasts of an in-house design team that are experts in creating garments which not only look and feel good but also offer great value and are long-lasting and durable. Alexandra offers a very wide range of clothing catalogs including smart tailoring, high performance workwear, outerwear, as well as accessories. This company also understands that workers need clothes that are stylish yet functional so the designers go to great lengths to do a lot of research about the client. One good example is the Alexandra overalls that are both durable and comfortable that make ones still feeling good at the end of a hard days work.  Before deciding on a design they find out first about the kind of job that the workers do as well as their working environments so that their garments are enough to protect them and make them feel comfortable throughout their work day.

Alexandra likes to get it absolutely right and just perfect for their clients. So when they say that they like to research, they do the actual job of those workers that they are going to make clothes for. Some of the members of Alexandra’s design team have tried working as cabin crew, as hotel staff, and restaurant food servers just so that they will be able to truly understand the needs of their clients and they will know exactly what kind of work wear to design for the employees. Alexandra encourages their clients to let their employees or staff work hand in hand with the designers whether it is through focused group discussions, wearer trials, and questionnaires or surveys, it is important for the designers to get feedback from the people who are actually going to wear them.

Alexandra Workwear

The vast range of garments at Alexander workwear makes it a one-stop shop for virtually all the garment  needs of any type of business. Their Healthcare Collection geared towards the medical industry includes antimicrobial scrub suits, dresses, nurse tunics, doctor’s coats, accessories and footwear. Their Hospitality Collection is for the hotel industry so they offer a wide range of chef’s wear, banqueting and service wear, aprons, accessories, as well as housekeeping wear. Their Workwear Collection is geared towards everyday corporate outfits for men and women such as trousers, skirts, polo shirts, knitwear, and coats. Alexandra offers all of these and more so there are always Alexandra uniforms available for any kind/type of businesses out there.

This garment provider believes in the fact that clothing communicates. Therefore it is essential that employees should be able to represent well through their clothes exactly what the company is all about. Their clothes should reflect the company’s core values, thrusts, and beliefs and at the same time make them feel good about themselves too. Alexandra work wear has made sure that the products they deliver to their clients even exceed their expectations. After all, happy staff or employees equate to happy customers.

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