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For men who need to wear big and tall linen suits, you know far too well just how hard it can be to find suits that actually fit just right. Especially for busy professionals who need an array of mens linen suit outfits to wear this can be a huge hassle and an unnecessary expense to boot. So why not make your own linen suits? This way you can save money and make as many suits as you want. It is also nice in that you can customize the suits and make them look however you decide to.

First, you need a pattern. Do you prefer a single or double breasted jacket? Lapel or straight collar? Shorter or longer style? The pattern is the first step because this will determine how much material you need. Buying the material is one of the most fun parts. You can literally go with any color or pattern you want because you will be the one wearing it. Neutral colors work best for suits so consider blacks, whites, tans and browns.

Cut out the separate pieces you need to make up the suit from the fabric. If it helps, you can make small marks on the fabric to remember which pieces go where. This can help once you start fitting everything together. Now you want to take some pins and start pinning the pieces together. Make sure you keep everything inside out as you do so the seams will not show on the finished piece.

The next step is to sew everything together. You can sew it all by hand but a machine will be much faster. There are some superb sewing machines on the market today and they are very easy to use. Sew up all the seams and then finish the suit off by adding on buttons or other finishing pieces as you see fit. You may need to try the suit on a few times as you are building it, to ensure you have a good fit. A proper fitting suit should be snug on the body but still have a bit of room so you can move around in it. You should look sharp but also be comfortable.

A linen suit is perfect for dressing up for a special occasion in warmer weather because the material is so light. It is nice to know that you can save money and put your creative juices to work by making your very own linen suit.

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