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Linen is a fabric made from the fibers of plants and is extremely difficult to manufacture. The fabric can be used for many purposes, to make tablecloths, bedding, and even luggage. The use of linen for clothing purposes creates a lightweight and comfortable outfit, no matter what the style or design. Linen dates all the way back to the construction of the pyramids and was worn by laborers because it was a breathable material. Today, linen has purposes that are more fashionable, and is used to piece together very attractive and casual shirts and pants. The mens linen suit has been around for quite some years, but has truly grown in popularity and is an outfit that speaks of one’s status and character.

Linen apparel is especially preferred by those who are in hot weather. Many vacationers of the tropics or South America are seen wearing linen shorts combined with their favorite sandals, if they are wearing anything at all. In scorching climates, people desire a material that offers comfort that will not stick to their skin due to perspiration. Linen does just this and comes in a variety of blends and colors. You can look your best and feel your best in linen.

For those who think a tuxedo is the only real wedding attire designed for men, think again. The mens white linen suit has dramatically risen in popularity for beach weddings. This sophisticated yet casual attire offers something no other traditional suit can. Suits can be purely linen for the most casual effect, or those that are linen and cotton blends. These blends will still a breathable quality other suits do not, with the very classy and expensive look of an Italian suit. The Marlo Rossi mens white linen suit is a two button double breasted Italian design made of a linen and cotton blend, for a casual but sophisticated look any businessman in warm climates.

Linen suits have a long history in vacationing men. For single men, it is definitely an outfit that makes a statement to women and shows them that the wearer has a laid-back character with a touch of class. All of this while managing to stay comfortable is nothing but a plus. Yet another plus among these suits is that unlike other suits that require to be tailored, linen fabrics are generally worn to hang, therefore need no special tailoring.

Mens linen suits are most inherently tied to the warm summer months. While you will not be scorn for wearing these after Labor Day, they serve much more purpose and give a fashion statement in warm weather. You can compliment any outfit with a linen blazer, some linen slacks or just a linen shirt. Consider buying off-season for the best bargains and look great next summer.

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