Croton Watch Is A Timeless Tradition

Croton Watch Is A Timeless Tradition

Located in Italy near the border of Switzerland, the Croton Watch Company was established in 1878. Being a family owned company, they set very high standards for themselves, producing high quality, stylish timepieces. By the 1900’s Croton Watch became well-known for their product quality, customer service and stylish designs, making their watches highly sought after as a symbol of social status. Another family owned business, Nationwide Time, acquired the brand as a way to continue the high quality standards of both companies. The company had been in business since the 1960’s and was seeking to take their business to the next level. They kept the Croton name and continued to expand production and sales, and in 2007 they reached a landmark of over one million timepieces sold in that year alone. Their precision products have increased in popularity not only to the general public but also many notable celebrities. This year, 2011, is the 130th anniversary for the company, and they have now come to be known as the Croton Group, continuing their tradition of producing high quality precision products in many different price ranges.

Having built such a stellar reputation, it is no surprise that Croton Watch reviews offer a tremendous flow of praise for the company and their products, which has been expanded to include the Nina Raye collection of exotic leather goods. Providing a minimum of 250 new product styles per year, their offerings are affordable to almost everyone, from a simply designed watch for the general public to high end designs for the wealthy. One Croton Watch review states that the company has a style to fit every lifestyle, from waterproof diver watches to jewel-embedded watches for formal occasions. Some Croton Watch reviews state that giving one of the watches as a gift makes them a highly cherished item, not only being functional but also very stylish. The company currently has over 5000 points of distribution, making their products readily available to consumers, whether for choosing a perfect gift or treating yourself to a high quality product. In addition to the high quality and precision of their products, Croton Watch offers a rare limited lifetime warranty for their timepieces, in the event of failure due to material defect or workmanship. It should be noted that the warranty does not cover the watch faces, dials, crystals, bands or straps since they can be damaged through daily use. However, for the cost of minimal shipping and handling fee, the watch is repaired free of any other charges and returned in a reasonable amount of time. While some companies do not uphold a warranty, or simply provide a different product, Croton Watch stands by their quality in materials and workmanship. Since Croton Watch repair is fairly rare, the company is easily able to meet repair needs through their many different locations.

Given the high standards they have set for themselves as well as the many styles for both men and women, Croton Watch Company appeals to consumers of all ages, instead of restricting themselves to one niche in age groups. Adding additional product lines in goods and accessories has also helped them to skyrocket their sales, with consumers knowing that are purchasing a high quality product with a company that can prove the quality of the product, staking their reputation on it. Maintaining the reputation they have held for over 130 years is no simple feat, so it logically follows that the company would not provide products or services that would damage it. The fact that Croton Watches are still very popular today shows that the company does business they way it is intended, which is to serve consumers with high standards and quality products.

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