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Linen suits are perfect to wear during the hot, balmy summer months. They are not the easiest of suits to care for, however, and care does need to be taken not to wear them on occasions when they will become easily wrinkled. For example, they probably should not be worn to the office where you will be sitting in an office chair all day, as by the end of the day they will not be looking very sharp at all. Linen suits for men are great to wear to any daytime functions such as cocktail parties, or to any casual evenings out. Do not wear them if you are going somewhere without an adequate cooling system though, as the more you sweat the more the linen wrinkles.

While it is possible to hand-wash a linen shirt, or linen pants you must never try to hand-wash or machine wash a linen suit. If you do, the result is sure to be disastrous! If you own a linen suit, you must only dry clean it. However, be careful, as dry-cleaning your suit too often may end up ruining the fiber and leaving it very old and limp looking. A good recommendation is to dry-clean it three times a year; once when you first take it out after its winter break, again mid-summer, and then finally at the end of summer just before packing it away for winter again. You should never pack away linen suits for the winter, if they have been worn even once, without dry-cleaning them first.

If your men’s linen suit becomes damp with sweat, you should hang it out in the open sun on a wooden, padded hanger to dry. Never put it in the dryer or hang it up with clothes pegs. If you do not have a padded hanger, you should lay it out flat on a towel in the sun. Make sure it airs out properly before hanging it back in the wardrobe.

To avoid permanent wrinkles in your suit you should take care not to sit in any one position for any length of time. Move around and stand up rather than sit down whenever possible. Pull your pants up at the knees when you sit down, as that will help to keep the linen material stiff and free from wrinkles or sagging.

Mens linen suits definitely require a lot of care and you have to be constantly aware of what you are doing while wearing one. Most men will agree, however, that they are definitely worth it as the chic, suave look is difficult to achieve with any other type of suit.

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