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We often scrimp and save just to buy our favorite most expensive shoes. It is because of the reason that we spent what we can afford on the shoes that requires us to take proper care of the shoes. We definitely do not want to damage our favorite shoes due to improper storage or failures to take good care of it. Through this article, I believe you should be able to understand the need of taking good care of your most expensive shoes and learn how to take good care of it, so that it can save you from heartaches due to damage shoes. If proper care is taken, you will be able to enjoy your favorite most expensive mens shoes for a long time.

The first important thing to take note when you come back home after wearing your favorite most expensive men’s shoes, is to let it aired overnight before you put it away into your shoes storage. This will ensure that any moisture resulting from the sweating of your feet is dried. If this is not done, an unpleasant odor will be generated from the bacteria that are reacting with the moisture in your shoes. The unpleasant odor will be eliminated when the shoes is completely aired and dried.

Next is to dust away the dirt and debris that got accumulated on the surface of your most expensive running shoes. You can perform this with the help of a toothbrush that will enable you to get rid most of the stubborn dirt. After brushing, you can proceed to clean the surface of your shoes with a piece of clean damped cloth, before cleaning and drying it with a piece of clean cloth. If you encounter any stubborn stains that simply refuse all cleaning efforts, you can try cleaning your shoes using mild soap and damped cloth. A bottle of all-purpose shoe cleaner will also comes in handy in such cases. Most all-purpose shoe cleaner are formulated to work on most shoe surfaces.

The last step before putting away your pair of most expensive jordan shoes is to deodorize it. You can remove the unpleasant odors from the shoes by applying Gold Bond on them or placing a small piece of cedar wood shoes tree into your shoes to remove the odor and any excess moisture that still linger after leaving it overnight. Remember to dust your shoes with talcum to protect the surface of your shoes and at the same time helps to remove excess moisture. Keep the shoes in the dust bag that comes with it and store the shoes in the original shoe box.

The process may look complicated and tedious to you in the beginning, however if you would like your most expensive shoes to worth your money, then it is only through the process of caring for your shoes that your returns can be maximized. So enjoys the process of caring for your shoes and you can enjoys wearing your most expensive shoes.

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