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A designer handbag is something that women have always aspired to own. Many of the designer brands have a real style to them that inexorably draws women of all social circles and ethnicities to them, and there is of course also the fashion element. Many people desire very strongly to fit in with the current trends, and getting the latest designer bag is very often a high priority for people. Getting the latest and greatest in bag design can outweigh in importance people’s desires for new shoes, dresses, coats and more. However, there is of course a price to pay for this. Most designer brands sell at extremely high prices, which are not hard to understand given their popularity, and as a result can be far beyond the price range of many prospective buyers. People are always looking for ways to save money on these bags, by paying attention to when a sale might be on, for example, and you might be delighted to learn that wholesale designer handbags can be a good way to save still more money.

Wholesale Authentic Designer Handbags

Wholesale Designer handbags

Wholesale Designer handbags

There is a good selection of stores both on the street and online which sell bags at wholesale prices. The idea here is that the exact same bags can be sold for considerably less than usual due to the much lower level of markup applied – the store is making less of a cut than they would normally make. This can result in very severe discounts, sometimes of over 50%, allowing many people to buy these same high quality designer handbags wholesale prices. It is surprising just how much you can save with these bags, and you can approach this solution in a couple of different ways. On the one hand, many people might simply be unable to afford a standard priced bag and might avail themselves of the opportunity to finally get the model they want at a price they can afford. On the other hand, someone might be well capable of affording a certain bag, but the price reduction simply allows them to spend the money they save on other items. Perhaps there are some other aspects to your wardrobe you need to work on, and the cash you had included in your handbag budget can now be spent on those instead. A third option is for those who simply adore designer bags and want to have as many as possible, either to suit various different situations or simply to have bragging rights. For these people, a price reduction of 50% means just on thing – they can now afford twice as many bags!

The Quality Of Wholesale Designer Bags China

Wholesale Designer Handbags China

Wholesale Designer Handbags China

One thing to look out for is the quality of the bags you are purchasing. Although entirely legitimate wholesale designer handbag sales do exist, sometimes what is actually being sold is a cheap rip-off of the real thing, which has neither the authentic label nor heritage, nor did the rock-solid quality expect of the top-of-the-line brands. They may instead be poorly made knock-offs that are fraudulently sold under a designer label. It is therefore important not to be taken in and too overwhelmed by the low prices on offer – make sure that what you are buying is genuine and legitimate! Not only should you pay careful attention to the stitching and materials used as well as check any locks or clasps for sturdiness, but you should also check the bag for scratches or other cosmetic damage. It sometimes happens that the designer handbags wholesale prices may be due to damaged goods. Sometimes a business will try to sell off a load of damaged products at a reduced price in the hope that people will be too blinded by their buying fervor to notice. It is also possible that this same business will not accept returns, so be careful!

Wholesale Authentic Designer Handbags – Marks Of Authenticity

Wholesale authentic designer handbags will have markings on them confirming that they are the genuine article. Look at the label carefully and make sure that it is correct in all its details. Also, look at any tags or other labels attached, possibly on the inside of the bag, to get an idea of the place of manufacture. An inauthentic bag is sometimes spotted only by looking at the amateurish labels.


It is certainly possible to save yourself a great deal of money on wholesale designer handbags. However, although great deals exist it is also possible to be conned, and while sometimes you will get a fine quality and usable bag out of the deal, you will always have to face the fact that what you have is not genuine. So long as you avoid buying frenzy and have a careful look at what it is that you are purchasing, you can be sure to avoid the fakes and get really great deals on wholesale bags that came from the very same factory as those in the far more expensive high-street shop windows.

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